Dino in His Draft Cart in test in Phoenix

Dino in His Draft Cart in test in Phoenix

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tracking Practice - September 16, 2008

While I was at the Tops Spermarket, I took Scout out to set a track for Dino. I parked athe car behind a Burger King. I walked Scout out the lot, across the street and around some buildings and then back onto the street. I then walked up ont the street and along the sidewalk. I walked down the street to the end of the shopping center. At the end of the shopping center I made a right rurn, back toward the center. Then I made a right back toward the car. I then made a left heading toward the Longs store. . In front of the store I made a right turn and walked in front of several stores, and then I made a right turn back toward the car.

I took Dino out and put on his harness. He was excited and looking arond for something to start searching for. I walked him directly across the street and cut into Scout's trail. I told him "take scent" as I showed him the apper towel with her scent. He pickedj up the trail right away and started to follow it. He went around the building and out onto the street. He crossed the street and went to the sidewalk. Along this sidewalk he seemed to get distracted and wanted to cuut across the bushes. he did this numerous times. I couldn't tell if the was getting bored, which he hadn't done in the past. I couldn't telll if he thought the trail was in that direction. I did the rgular thing, which was to stop hkm and let him figure out that the scent wasn't in that direction. When he went straight again along the trail, I would praise him. But then he would cut into the bushes again.

Later on I thought hat he was loosing interest because there wasn't food. I thought about using a clicker with treats in the future when he gets turns and tough spots. I will try that to help him out.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Tracking Practice - August 22, 2008

This was an email I sent to Donna:

I wanted to tell you about a fascinating training session I had with Dino today.

I had to go to San Mateo to pick something up. I stopped in a nearby neighborhood, parked the car and got Mercury out of the back. I walked with him in his carrier straight up the street away from the car, in the direction the car was facing. These are very long blocks. I crossed the next street and kept walking straight. At the next corner I made a right still on the same side of the street. I made a right at the next turn and went down the street. At the corner I crossed the street and, instead of making a sharp right across the street to head back towards the car. I made a diagonal in the same direction between some bushes. I went back down to the corner. My car was to my left half way down the block. I crossed the street again and made a left to go back down the street towards my car. I crossed back across the street to the back of my car and put Mercury inside.

I took Dino out and headed back down the street, away from my car, and away from where I laid Mercury's scent. I made a right at the next corner, a right at the next corner, crossed the next street, walked down to the end of the next corner and made a right and went down the street to the next block and crossed the street. This would put us at the top of where Mercury's scent was. I had taken a paper towel and rubbed it on Mercury before taking him out and walking him around. I had that in my pocket and showed it to Dino and said "take scent." His eyes seemed to pop out and his head was swinging back and forth looking for something. He turned and immediately went down the street on the route around the block where I walked Mercury. He was definitely following something. He made the turn at the next right and kept going. He did make some deviations to roll on the nice, lush lawns like Loki does. I said "get to work" and stayed behind him on the sidewalk and he kept going.

He crossed the street at the next corner, and started to go straight when he suddenly turned to the right and went down the street back toward my car. When he hit the point where I crossed diagonal onto the street he started moving faster. he had been going at a pretty fast pace before to make me jog to keep up with him.

The next corner is where he had problems for two reasons. As he approached the next corner, a woman was walking slowly along the same path. He caught up to her. The sidewalk was very narrow, so I didn't want to pass her and it was very narrow. I tried to slow him down without discouraging him or giving him a negative correction. He seemed to get distracted and confused by me doing this and now this person was directly in front of him. He lost his concentration and started to follow the lady right behind her. I wasn't surprised because he has done this in the past. He is so friendly with people that he just keeps following them event though I go in another direction. I let him cross the street because the scent was also in the area. When we got about twenty feet past the scent and he was still following this woman, I gently slowed him down and brought him back to the corner where the scent went in two directions (where we had just come from and back to the car). He was confused. He appeared to pick up both, and he sat and looked up at me. Without saying anything I started to walk slowly in the direction of the car, and then he took off in a fast pace again. He got to the location just across the street from the car, and kept going. then he stopped and came back. I had to stop him because there were several cars passing by. Once the cars passed, he darted over to the back of the car and jumped up on the tailgate to get inside. I made the tiny mistake of not opening up the back to let him get to Mercury, but I was so excited about what he just did. I just took out his rawhide and started throwing it. Dino was very excited.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Tracking Practice - August 2, 2008

Friday at Memorial Park in Hayward

I laid a track for Dino up a set up stone steps, through a picnic area, down another set of stone steps, over some concrete with a couple of turns to gravel where I put the treats very close together. He got a bit lost from the stone steps to the picnic area, but he eventually got it. Everything else went great. He is definitely sniffing to find where he needs to go, and keeping him interested.

Then I took Mercury in his cage around some building and through some trees and around another building and hid him on the side of a building. Dino followed him really well around the building and through the trees and around the cars and around the building right to him. it was great.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Sheepherding Training

Need to work on Wednesday:

1. Walking up to the sheep to direct Dino where to go
2. Walking back and forth from one end of the pen and back
3. Keeping back along fence to follow sheep around.
4. Stop eating poop
5. Keep moving and not stopping

A lot of starting and stopping from Dino. A lot of eating of poop. He was just doing the half pen and not running the full pen all the way around.

We worked him four times. One was with just myself.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tracking Practice - July 31, 2008

Last Thursday I met Donna in Crocket after the Splash Dog Event in Santa Rosa. I laid a track for Dino on a concrete path with 1 1/2 steps, then two steps, then three steps. I then walked on the grass of the field and placed his toy. He followed the track really well and then wanted to keep going onto the grass where I walked, but no treat. I then had the toy for him at the end.

Then I walked Dino around to set a track for Loki. Then I put Dino through the above track. Then Donna laid a track for Annubis.

On the same track that Annubis was on, I put one down for Din, but I extended it longer with turns with and without treats and then at the end I put no treats for several feet where I walked, and then put the toy at the end. He did great and was following the track without the food.

Saturday, I took Dino to a business park in Dublin after getting Mercury's shots. We did a single long track with turns, curves, turns with treats and without. There was jackrabbits and squirrels nearby. He was right on the track the whole way. He followed it across the an bark and to his toy wit the treats. I still had a hard time getting him interested in the tennis ball. He seemed to want to keep following the trail which I did back to the car where Mercury was. We repeated the track and he picked up more treats. He still followed it but he was a bit more rough, but he was still following something.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dino Earns His CGC Certificate!

Second Attempt: Pass!

First Attempt:
We did the CGC training and test also with Vicki. The training went very well. Everything moved along well without any problems. I had absolutely not indications that there would be any problems. We barely got to the third test of the tester trying to groom him, We did not even get to the grooming because Dino would not stop jumping on the tester. I told him "sit" numerous times and he totally ignored me. That essentially failed the test. After all that training and preparation.

I was late to get to a dog show in Turlock, so I just got out of there as fast as possible.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tracking Practice - July 22, 2008

I worked Dino twice in tracking over the weekend while on lunch break at Petaluma agility show.

Tracks were on concrete paths in a busy fairground. Some parts were straight (beginning legs) and then I would make a right or left turn and then fade into wide curves at two steps. He got all them dead on. He never lifted his head. On the last track on Sunday, we went into gravel from concrete. I think he was inhaling the gravel, but he stayed on the track. He even found it when I couldn't see it. The turns were tighter curves at two steps. He did great.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tracking Practice - July 16, 2008

Yesterday I took Dino to Memorial Park and did three tracks. One was at the girl scout cabin with a right turn, up a set of short steps and to the left. He did great. The last leg was with two steps. then down in the park, I did a left urn up some steps to the bandstand and straight ahead. He did great. He followed them right up the stairs. I did 1/2 steps up the stairs.

On the last track I did 1/2 steps all the way up a long set of stone steps. He did great all the way up.

I did discover that he was inhaling my hairbands when he was "taking scent" in the beginning. I had him vomit when I got back home and I found them both.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tracking Practice - July 15, 2008

I went on a search for a dog today in Albany. It was at 2:30, so I brought Dino and Mercury to do training afterwards.

The search for the dog went several miles all the way to the water starting at near the hills. Halfway through, I decided to walk back to get my truck because I wasn't sure how the shade was. I walked back and then met Donna where she had walked to. I drove behind her for several blocks, then picked up her and the dogs and drove to the lagoon at the park where we picked up the scent again.

I parked my truck at a private lot and Donna followed the trail around the lagoon and I drove the other way, parked and walked the other direction.

After the search, we took Dino out and set up a track with a right and then a left turn. the steps were one full step in the straight, then 1/2 step at the turns. At the last leg, we spread it out to two steps, then three steps. He did seem to loose the track at three steps, so I will go back to two steps on the last leg for now.

Then Donna laid a track and hid behind some parked cars. Her phone earpiece was at the start. He followed the track right to her. Donna said there were two cats in one of the cars, and I asked Dino to "Find Felix." He found them pretty quickly.

Then Donna took Mercury and walked him down a path and I had Dino follow him. He practically ran there. He was definitely following the scent. Then Donna walked him down the path again, and Dino found him pretty quickly. He was more air scenting but he did have his nose to the ground some of the time.

Then Donna took Mercury to another spot on the street and tied him up. She had me walk Dino past the spot where Mercury was tied. Dino had to jump up onto a ledge and then found him. Mercury was so cute and such a good sport about everything. He was great on the leash and walking.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tracking Practice - July 3, 2008

Met with Donna at Briones Park to walk dogs and train. We laid a track with Scout for Loki. Then we went for a walk through the park. Scout zeroed in on a small lake where a woman was playing with her dogs. Scout started to chase the ball into the lake and would not stop. I had to eventually drag her away and put her on leash.

After, we took Loki around on the track to find Scout. He did great.

Then we took Dino to a park headquarters parking lot to work on tracks. I told Donna about yesterday when I took Dino to Memorial Park and laid three tracks with right hand turns. He did the first leg fine, got a bit loose on the turns and then lost the second leg on all three tracks. I started to move the kibble closer, but he still looked like he wasn't tracking, but trying to find the kibble.

So today, I showed her a similar track from what I did with Dino yesterday with a right hand turn, and the track was very sloppy. So we tried some other tracks.

1. First leg 1 1/2 steps apart. 1/2 step apart on left turn and 1 1/2 apart on second leg. Single pieces of kibble. Strong on both legs.

2. First leg 1 1/2 steps apart, 1/2 steps apart on right turn and 1 1/2 steps apart on second leg. Donna laid track with small piles. Strong on both legs.

3. First leg 1 1/2 steps apart, 1/2 steps on left turn and 1 1/2 steps apart on second leg. Small piles of kibble. Very strong on both legs. Left some kibble and let him go back and do small track again to pick up extras.

Let leash loose so it is not tight while he is pulling.

For next track continue with small piles. On first track, see how he does. On second track compare to first. Which ever was worse, then do again with either left or right turn over same track. Continue with small piles and 1 1/2 steps and 1/2 steps on corners.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tracking Practice - June 29, 2008

I got a kitten two days ago on Friday evening so I can train Dino for cat detection. Hopefully, I can use him to train other dogs in the future.

Today, Sunday, I went out on a search in Larkspur with Donna with her two dogs, I brought Dino along to train with afterwards. During the search we found a cat under a house nearby. After the search, I took Din over there while Donna set up the trap. Dino went right to the area and definitely smelled the cat. He was also interested in the tuna Donna had along.

After we left that house we went to a shopping center nearby to set a trail for Loki and then work Dino. We walked all around the center to lay a trail for Loki. When we got to a part of the center in the back, we ran Dino through these runs:

1. Kibble 1 1/2 feet apart in a wide inverted "C"
2. Kibble 1 1/2 feet apart in a wide "S" pattern
3. Kibble 1 1/2 feet apart in a wide inverted "C"
4. Kibble 1 1/2 feet apart for about 10 feet, closer toward the left turn, then a left turn, keeping the kibble close for about one feet and then back to 1 1/2 feet apart for another 10 feet.

He did really good on the tracks, closely following along and finding the kibble.

To work on:
1. Same as #4 over and over until solid and following track
2. At the start, put down my scent article (hairband), putting kibble about 1 1/2 foot apart for 10 feet, making closer for 1/2 foot near left turn and then back to 1 1/2 foot for another 10 feet to end.
3. Same left turn for ten feet, left turn and then another 10 feet. During the 10 feet, place the kibble random like maybe at 1/2 foot, then maybe at one foot, then back to 1/2 foot and then up to 1 1/2 foot.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

MAR Dog Training Begins

The posts from this point on are about Dino's MAR dog training that are not covered in his MAR dog training posts because of the dates. I am not able to add dates prior to the existing dates, so I was not able to go back to add these in.

So in June 2008 in San Jose I took Dino to a seminar put on by Missing Pet Partnership (www.missingpetpartnership.org). They train the handler to search for missing pets with the help of a search dog. They also teach you about lost pet behavior and what to look for in a lost pet. It was fascinating, and I brought Dino with me and they tested him on the basics on how he likes cats and other dogs. They wanted to know if he would be good to look for cats and dogs both or just cats or just dogs. They definitely thought he would be a great dual-purpose dog because of his all around personality with both dogs and cats. The seminar was six days. I drove back and forth from Hayward. It was wonderful. I had a great time, and I couldn't wait to start Dino on his training. I would be working with Donna, the person who taught the seminar. She has two dogs she uses for her searches and her full time business of looking for lost pets.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dino Practices Lure Coursing!

Dino Practices Lure Coursing!
Basenji Club of Northern California
May 31, 2008

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Dino's Agility class at Braveheart Dog Training

Dino's Agility class:

Six week class. Started with just little things like targeting and turns. Then started on weave poles, tunnels, jumps. Dino did real good. He really enjoyed the obstacles and the action. On the last class we did sequences with all the obstacles. Dino was very excited and fast. We will sign up for classes with Kathryn Horn eventually. The beginning class is at 7PM on Thursday. Currently, I am working until 7 PM and I don't feel comfortable asking to get off early at this point. However, next week, Suzanne wants me to start at 11 AM to 6 PM, so I will be able to do the class. I wanted her to do that on her own without me asking. Also, the class is $120, so, since I am taking the agility class with Vicki and the CGC class, I need to wait for a few weeks for the money and the time. I want to give Dino the time properly and that will be difficult with the two classes on Saturday.