Dino in His Draft Cart in test in Phoenix

Dino in His Draft Cart in test in Phoenix

Friday, July 31, 2009

Dino Follows Five Week Old Track!

Dino Follows Five Week Old Track!
July 30, 2009

Yesterday, July 30, 2009, Dino followed the multiple tracks of a cat that has been missing for at least five weeks old in Sonoma County. And that was his second multiple hour track of the day!

I initially went to their home to track their missing Pug, Maya, who had been missing for almost 48 hours. On my way there I received a call that Maya had been found. I asked if I could do Maya's track anyway to see where she had been, and I could use that as a training track for my dog, Dot, who has been in training and going on tracks with Dino as moral support for a couple of months.

The daughter went along with me, and she was totally surprised when Maya's track led us on a multiple hour search around parks, creeks, soccer field, more creeks, moble home parks, etc, etc, etc. After about four hours, Dino indicated the track was still ahead of us, so we decided to head back and rest.

I went to get lunch and a big Diet Coke. I hosed off Dino and started him on the track for the missing cat, Stewie/Stewart. The guess by the owner was that Stewie had been trapped by a neighbor and not taken to a shelter since multiple cats had been missing over a couple of weeks time. We did find two solid tracks that started from their home went around a couple of blocks and through a school and then back home. I figured those were Stewie's regular territory. I check in all other directions and no scent was indicated except for two spots. One down the end of a street in the mobile home park and one across the street. The daughter was unable to go along with me since she had to go to work.

I talked to the daughter this morning and told her what I found. She did confirm she was aware of the two tracks. She had thought those were Stewie's territory. I told her about the two unknown directions, and she said she would look into them. I told her that Dino did not indicate any scent near the house where she thought the trapping was going on. Not to say he didn't get through from a fence, but he was not entering from the street.

The environment is suburban and the temperatures have been averaging 80 to 90 everyday for several weeks.

I was so happy with Dino.

PS Dot did great on the track of Maya's at the end of the day. She got all the turns and all the zigzags through a large weeded field near a park.. Her main distraction is barking dogs in other yards as we walk by. I think a clicker and treats while on tracks will help with that
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