Dino in His Draft Cart in test in Phoenix

Dino in His Draft Cart in test in Phoenix

Monday, February 13, 2012

Dino Earns UKC's United Weight Pull Title!

Rip Curl Weight Pullers
February 12, 2012
Escondido, CA

For three reasons, this is a major accomplishment. First, two years passed in between earning the second leg and earning the third leg. In April, 2010, Dino earned his first two legs in Modesto through the Central Valley Rat Terrier Club. Almost immediately after that, we started in AKC Rally and eventually Obedience, so we were not able to attend another weight pull event. 

Second, UKC weight pull events are extremely rare on the West Coast, especially Northern California. There has only been two additional weight pull events since April 2010 in Northern California, so attending events, in the first place, can be very difficult. 

Third, there is only one place in Northern California that offers weight pull practices, and that is over two hours north of my home. That is where I got my initial training, but stopped due to the amount of driving time that eventually became prohibitable. Since then, all of our training has been done with a cart dolly, rocks from my garden, and out in front of my house. My neighbors have become very curious about all the strange things I do with my dogs.

To get the final leg, I drove to Escondido, over eight hours drive south to attend a weight pull event there. This group uses a rail system instead of a wheel cart, and Dino had not seen a rail system before. They did allow us walk up and down the ramp to let Dino become acquainted with the height and sound. In the end, he had no problem pulling the required weight for the third leg. Once that occurred, I withdrew him from the event and gave him a large cookie treat and let him rest. 

The next weight pull endeavor is to work toward the UWPCH (United Weight Pull Champion), which is where points are accumulated based on increasing weight pulled. 

Dino's current registered name:

MB-GCh UWP Woodacre's Court Jester AKC-UD AKC-RAE MB-RN MB-VM SR1 TT CGC


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