Dino in His Draft Cart in test in Phoenix

Dino in His Draft Cart in test in Phoenix

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

First Obedience Class

Dino's first class for basic obedience.

We had our first class, but only I went to it. Dino stayed home because this was all instructions of what kind of training it will be. The class is run by Vicki Ronchette, who owns Braveheart Dog Training. The class is at the San Lorenzo Park in one of the buildings. The training is all clicker and treats, which Dino already knows. On this past Monday I took him out onto the sidewalk on Walpert and we worked walking on a loose leash and learning the heel position. I will be doing things differently with Dino that I did with Scout because Dino is younger and I will be teaching him the obedience exercises. I will do both UKC and Mixed Breed and ASCA obedience. Was a lot looser with Scout because I knew would only be doing Rally.

We got a sheet of a bunch of homework exercises to do with treats and the clicker.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Scared of the Umbrella

It was raining on 2/9 and I took both dogs out for a quick walk. I used the umbrella and Dino acted like he had never seen it before. I thought he had. Maybe at night when it wasn't such a big deal. Anyway, out in the parking lot he bolted taking the leash with him. I had Scout in one hand and the umbrella in the other. I had to put them both down in the wind and rain to try to get him back. He ran so fast that I couldn't see where he ran. We were in front of the office and he ran down to where the car was. That is probably why he ran down there. He is familiar with that area. By the time I set the umbrella down and put Scout in a sit, I went to find him, but I couldn't see him. I finally found him and he ran toward me, but when I did that he ran leash through a huge mud puddle, which got me mad. I shouldn't have but I got mad. He came to me but I was firm with him instead of being happy like I should have been. We continued the walk.

On the way back I decided to try again to do it better. I showed him the umbrella, opening it and closing it . Again he bolted. He ran under the cars. I called him, but he wouldn't come. I went to him and brought him back. I let the leash go again and tried again. This time he went to go see Dixie who was walking by. I went to him and brought him back. I let the leash go again and he went up to where the 1022 building is. I went to him, but I couldn't catch him. Then he turned it into a "catch me" game and was running around. He ran down to the garbage area. Meanwhile Scout is sitting in the pouring rain. I decided to leave him alone and bring Scout back inside. I saw Dino run back to me when he saw I wasn't chasing him, I brought Scout back and went to find Dino. He was running back toward me and ran to the office when he saw Michelle. I brought him back to the original spot. I let him go again. This time he ran back to 1022 up to the top of the stairs. He saw I wasn't chasing him. I walked back to my apartment and he ran back toward me. I praised him for coming back and then I did it again. He ran back toward the cars. I turned and went back to my apartment. He ran back toward me. I praised him and did it again. He ran back to the cars and stopped to look at some people. This time I didn't say anything. I just turned and walked away. He followed and came back. I praised him and ended it there.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Learning to Stand for Grooming

I have been teaching Dino stand which has come in handy to grooming him, which he does not like at all. He is very sensitive to having the brush on him. He was doing fine just having me hold him and then he would stand on his own. but he didn't want to to do that today. He stood for a couple of minutes, but then sat down. I figured I could put together his stand with the treat to standing for grooming. That seemed to work well and it helped for him to put the two things together.