Dino in His Draft Cart in test in Phoenix

Dino in His Draft Cart in test in Phoenix

Saturday, March 3, 2007

First Herding Lesson

I scheduled a time at 12 noon to take Dino to Joyce Shepherd in Santa Rosa, a herding trainer recommended by Patti Veligan. She bought her dog, Ace, from Joyce. Joyce breeds Kelpies and Border Collies. She has training every Sunday from 12 to 5. I brought both dogs, but I was only doing the testing with Dino. On the phone I told her I thought Dino was Corgi and Border Collie. when I brought Scout and him out and let them run around in her enclosed yard. She thought he had Basset in him. She said out right she was reluctant about his potential but that she would test him and see what happened. I was pretty nervous after she said that because I was afraid of being embarrassed by him not doing anything.

I brought him on his flat collar into her "round" pen where there were three sheep. Dino was definitely excited about being there and was pulling at the end of the leash.

She explained a few more things before we went in. She would direct him and he was going to be off leash. I was pretty nervous about him being off leash because I know he would chase the sheep. I didn't want him to hurt them.

I let him go and he immediately started chasing the sheep. She said she was very surprised that he seemed to have a strong instinct about what to do and how to turn and how to chase the sheep. He wasn't afraid or hesitant. She was very complimentary of him during that time.

We took a break for a short time to give him some water and to catch his breath. I put him on a chain and tied him to the fence.

About a 1/2 hour later we went back to the same place and did it again. Dino seemed to be bored and more distracted. He was sniffing and peeing and eating poop. He was definitely still interested but seemed more distracted. The pen was pretty small and we kept going around and around.

Joyce had me handle him a bit. I had a hard time understanding what to do and fumbled around.

I definitely want to go back for more training and take Dino as far as possible.
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