Dino in His Draft Cart in test in Phoenix

Dino in His Draft Cart in test in Phoenix

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tracking Practice - July 16, 2008

Yesterday I took Dino to Memorial Park and did three tracks. One was at the girl scout cabin with a right turn, up a set of short steps and to the left. He did great. The last leg was with two steps. then down in the park, I did a left urn up some steps to the bandstand and straight ahead. He did great. He followed them right up the stairs. I did 1/2 steps up the stairs.

On the last track I did 1/2 steps all the way up a long set of stone steps. He did great all the way up.

I did discover that he was inhaling my hairbands when he was "taking scent" in the beginning. I had him vomit when I got back home and I found them both.
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