Dino in His Draft Cart in test in Phoenix

Dino in His Draft Cart in test in Phoenix

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tracking Practice - July 31, 2008

Last Thursday I met Donna in Crocket after the Splash Dog Event in Santa Rosa. I laid a track for Dino on a concrete path with 1 1/2 steps, then two steps, then three steps. I then walked on the grass of the field and placed his toy. He followed the track really well and then wanted to keep going onto the grass where I walked, but no treat. I then had the toy for him at the end.

Then I walked Dino around to set a track for Loki. Then I put Dino through the above track. Then Donna laid a track for Annubis.

On the same track that Annubis was on, I put one down for Din, but I extended it longer with turns with and without treats and then at the end I put no treats for several feet where I walked, and then put the toy at the end. He did great and was following the track without the food.

Saturday, I took Dino to a business park in Dublin after getting Mercury's shots. We did a single long track with turns, curves, turns with treats and without. There was jackrabbits and squirrels nearby. He was right on the track the whole way. He followed it across the an bark and to his toy wit the treats. I still had a hard time getting him interested in the tennis ball. He seemed to want to keep following the trail which I did back to the car where Mercury was. We repeated the track and he picked up more treats. He still followed it but he was a bit more rough, but he was still following something.
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