Dino in His Draft Cart in test in Phoenix

Dino in His Draft Cart in test in Phoenix

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dino Practices Oval Track Racing!

Dino Practices Oval Track Racing
Napa, CA
August 30, 2013

This morning we drove to Napa for oval track racing. The landowner raises and trains Greyhounds and they have built and designed a oval track in the back field of their property. Today was the second time we did this type of training.

The first time, Dino completed the track once, but then turned around half way and came back. This time, I raced them both together three times. The first two times, Dino did the whole track all the way around. I was thrilled. Of course, Dot was faster. That is a given, but I am glad he did not give up and walk away. He finished the whole track both times and even went to the lure and tried to tear it up. That would be difficult since he is wearing a muzzle.

Not only did he finish two out of three tracks, but he was also enthusiastic about going into the box and came out strong both times. Other times, he was unsure about the box. He is figuring out what is happening.

The third race I wanted to try something different. I wanted to hand slip them and not put them in the boxes. I wanted to have Dino go first to give him a head start and then have Dot catch up with him to give her some competition. Dino went out fast as first, and then I released Dot. However, before Dot could catch up with him, Dino turned around and came back. I think he was confused about what was happening. I told him to go catch the lure. He started to and then realized it was coming around the back end and decided to catch it there in front of Dot. He caught the lure on the way back and then went all the way to the end where Dot was. I think he was confused about what was happening, so I will try it again next time.

The weather was sunny, but not hot. There was a good breeze.
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