Dino in His Draft Cart in test in Phoenix

Dino in His Draft Cart in test in Phoenix

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dino Earns Mixed Breed Versatility Master Title!

The Mixed Breed Dog Clubs of America offers a Versatility title for mixed breeds that fulfill the requirements. Below is the requirements for each level. 

Here is a copy of Dino's certificate:

"Mixed Breed Versatility Master (MB-VM)
The dog who earns 20 points in at least 7 different categories 1-12, or 19 points in 7 categories 1-12 plus 1 point in Category X shall be designated a Mixed Breed Versatility Master and may place the letters “MB-VM” after its name. For each additional 20 points earned after the frst 20 points, the title designation shall become MB-VM2, MB-VM3, MB-VM4, etc."

This is a list of the areas where Dino earned for his Versatility Master title:

1. Category 1: Public Relations/Service/Education/ High Scores with dog:
Six "High Score" awards (one point each)
a. High Scoring Rally Novice, California Specialty, October 17, 2010
b. High Scoring Rally Novice, National Specialty, October 31, 2010
c. High Scoring Rescue Dog, National Specialty, October 2010
d. High Scoring AKC Canine Partner, San Francisco DTC, January 15, 2011
e. High Scoring Rescued Dog in Novice B, San Francisco DTC, January 15, 2011

2. Category 2: Obedience
a. AKC Companion Dog Title (one point)
b. AKC Companion Dog Excellent Title (one point)
c. AKC Utility Dog Title (one point)

3. Category 3: Rally
a. AKC Rally Novice Title (one point)
b. AKC Rally Advanced Title (one point)
c. AKC Rally Excellent Title (one point)
d. AKC Rally Advanced Excellent Title (two points)
e. Mixed Breed Rally Novice Title (one point)

Category 5: Conformation
a. First 15 points earned for Champion title (one point)
b. Second 15 points earned for Champion title (one point)
c. Grand Champion Title (two points)

Category 8: Partnered Sports
a. Disc Dog Competition, Fremont, July 15, 2007 
b. Disc Dog Competition, South San Francisco, August 26, 2007
c. Disc Dog Competition, Davis, March 24, 2007
(one point per three certificates)

Category 9: Instinct based Dog Sports
a. All Breed Lure Sports Association, SR1 title (one point)

Category 11: Soundness/Temperament Testing
a. AKC Canine Good Citizen test (one point)
b. American Temperament Test Society temperament test (one point)

Category X: Public Relations/Service/Education/ High Scores without dog:
(Articles / books you have written about dogs (printed))
a. "Renting with Rex" book (one point)

We are working on the VM2 title. That is another 20 points from another seven categories!