Dino in His Draft Cart in test in Phoenix

Dino in His Draft Cart in test in Phoenix

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Dino Nominated for Mixed Breed Hall of Fame!

January 12, 2013

Dog’s Name: “Dino”

Attached is my nomination for the 2012 Mixed Breed Hall of Fame for my dog, Dino, otherwise known as:

Criterion One:
Has the nominated dog performed a heroic act which led to the saving of another animal’s life?

Dino has been working full time throughout Northern and Central California as a tracking dog to help find lost pets since January 2009. In 415 cases to date, many of those cases covering multiple days, Dino has had many finds, both of alive and deceased animals. In addition, Dino’s tracking efforts has led directly to many pets being found following the search.

Here is a link to the case blog with all cases documented:

Lost Pets Found Alive While on Search
Axl, Terrier, San Francisco

George, Beagle, Pescadero

Karma, Boxer Mix, Creston 

Tyson, Boxer, Vallejo

Hugo, Great Dane Mix, San Jose

Buck, Japanese Chin, San Jose

Kitty, Burmese, Pacifica

Lost Pets Found Deceased While on the Search

Sophie, Norwich Terrier, Oroville, Butte County

Haley, Thai mixed breed, Oakland

Gracie, Lhasa Apso, San Francisco

Roxy, Australian Shepherd, Stockton

Malcolm, DSH, Belmont

Theo, DSH, Morgan Hill

In many cases, there were positive sightings of the lost pet along the track that Dino was following, and these sightings led to the animal’s recovery following the search.

Snickers, Miniature Australian Shepherd, Sunnyvale

Anna, Collie, Los Gatos

Moula, British Shorthair, San Jose

Raymond, Doberman, San Jose

Maya, Terrier Mix, Dublin

Korin, DSH, Vallejo

Bruno and Otto, Maltese, Oakland

Bisquit, DSH, Los Altos

Jadis, Miniature Schnauzer, San Jose

Raven, Standard Poodle, San Jose

Maddie, Rat Terrier, Belmont

JoJo, Cattle Dog mix, San Francisco

Winner AKC Humane Fund ACE Award
In September 2012, from over 200 dogs entered, Dino won an Honorable Mention in the Search and Rescue category for the AKC Humane Fund ACE Awards. 2012 was the first year that mixed breeds were allowed to enter after over 10 years of offering the awards, making Dino the first mixed breed to ever earn the award. 


Criterion Three:
Has the nominated dog demonstrated a basic level of obedience training and good manners, always being courteous to people and other dogs?

Dino has a blog that chronicles every achievement since the day I brought him home after adopting him from Grateful Dog Rescue in December 2006. Here is the link:

Dino has many accomplishments in the show ring!

Dino is the first Mixed Breed to earn the AKC Rally “RAE” title, accomplishing this in eight months after starting Rally training.

Dino is the second Mixed Breed to earn the AKC Obedience “UD” title, earning this five months after earning the first “CD” title leg, and six months after completing the Rally RAE title. 

Dino is the first Mixed Breed allowed to show at the massive, indoor, benched Golden Gate Kennel Club dog show in San Francisco in January 2012 at the Cow Palace. During this show, for two full days, in between showing in the ring, Dino sat at the bench for many photos with people and children.

Dino has earned Rally titles in all Rally venues: AKC, UKC, ASCA, APDT, Mixed Breed Dog Clubs.

Dino is the first mixed breed to earn all three “All Stars” awards: Obedience, Rally and Conformation. 

Dino has earned the Outstanding Versatility title through Clever Canine Companions, and the Versatility Master Two title from the Mixed Breed Dog Club.


Criterion Four:
Has the nominated dog’s owner promoted responsible mixed-breed dog ownership or advanced the purposes of the club? How is the owner a good “role model” for other dog groups?

1. Dog Scouts meeting
Attached is a letter from the secretary of the local Dog Scouts chapter where I was asked to talk about Dino helping to find lost pets and what it takes to train a tracking dog.

  1. First Dog to show at Cow Palace and Dino sitting in chair to allow people to take photos with him, even after benching for two days and showing in the ring four times.

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