Dino in His Draft Cart in test in Phoenix

Dino in His Draft Cart in test in Phoenix

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dino Participates in Herding Training!

December 16, 2007
Santa Rosa, CA

I think I should work Dino before going into the pen because he is so pumped up and not paying attention. I can walk him around the yard doing some heeling and downs and sits. I wasn't sure if this would diminish his drive but I think it would put some focus on him.

Joyce said it didn't look like he was really herding, just chasing the sheep and he kept fading in attention. We had to keep pulling him back. She suggested that he may need some maturity and focus before he would be ready for any competition. She suggested coming about once a month to see how his maturity is coming.

There is a trial at her place June 2 and 3. She suggested doing a Herding Instinct test with Dino. I would definitely be interested.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Frisbee Practice

I took Dino and Scout to the high school to play with the frisbee. It had been a while for Scout. She really enjoyed it though she was sore afterwards, but I know she really liked keeping it away from Dino. Dino just tried to bite her which I repremanded him for doing that. He seemed to feel like he didn't know what to do if he couldn't bite her. I explained to him that I was showing him the game and what to do with the frisbee and that I wanted him to learn from Scout.

The next day I took just him to the high school with the frisbee and tossed it around having him jump up. He really was enjoying it and liked jumping up and catching it. He took it and ran around with it briefly and then I had him come back. I gave him a treat for dropping it. We have been practicing this at home with a toy in the living room and he seemed to put it together. He is still too young to be doing the full running and jumping. His body is not completely formed yet. Maybe not til a year and a half. Right now I can have him chasing it and doing light catches nearby. I think he will be really great at frisbee.